Ask the Editor With Marcela Sulak, Editor of The Ilanot Review

Q & A With Marcela Sulak

Today I had the joy of chatting with Marcela Sulak, Editor of The Ilanot Review. This magazine is based in Israel, though Marcela joined the conversation from The Czech Republic, where she has been hunkered down during the pandemic.

Marcela gave a little tour of her journal, taking me through past issues, themes, contributors and artwork. We spent a fair amount of time talking about the artwork for the magazine, since the cover of the new issue is great. And it’s always nice to see online magazines using original art thoughtfully (instead of just slapping some generic photos next to the text.)

What I learned today, in addition to how to pronounce this magazine’s name (Ee-lah-NOTE), is that they are particularly interested in hybrid work. Marcela and I talked about what “hybrid” means, and Marcela showed some cool examples of visual poetry, a philosopher’s limerick and a memoir/personal essay/literary analysis.

The journal publishes theme issues. Their upcoming theme is “Ephemera(l),” which Marcela invites you to interpret in any way that sets your wild imagination free. (Think a poem written in the fog of a window, then photographed. Think a work of flash fiction scribbled into sand.)

Submissions will open on May 1st. Please check out this video to learn more about this interesting and exciting little magazine!


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