I Fell Into a Burning Ring of Lit Mags!

Spotlight on Asian lit mags, job opportunities, writing conferences and more.

Greetings Lit Magstronauts,

Firstly, my heart goes out to my dear Asian and Asian American friends, brothers and sisters in the literary world, reeling after recent devastating events. It has been a heart-rending week, to say the least. I’m thinking of you.

For readers interested in engaging more deeply with this community, and for writers of Asian descent who have work to send out, here are some places to begin:

This list of Asia’s best literary magazines features “The top lit mags to read exciting new Chinese and Asian writers.”

And here is Bombay Review’s Top Indian/Asian Literary Magazines. “[These] magazines are a pillar to graduates of literature, passionate readers, bibliophiles, hobbyists; lending them the shoulder to spring start a probable writing career.”


In other news, a book on how to succeed as a small press publisher recently caught my eye. Juliette Van Der Molen writes, “Small Press Publishing- The Dos and Don’ts by Isabelle Kenyon is a wealth of knowledge for the indie publishing community. This comprehensive book covers topics such as goal setting, market research and finances. It also includes an interview section where readers get to examine real life experiences from small press publishers. This book is worthwhile for those wanting to start their own presses, but also for writers seeking publication with indie presses.”

If you are seeking gainful employ, BOMB Magazine (yes, the BOMB Magazine) is hiring. “BOMB Magazine is seeking a Director of Advertising to develop and implement strategic, comprehensive advertising and sponsorship for the organization’s print publication, website, and newsletter. The Director of Advertising reports to the Editor-in-Chief and works closely with the Director of Digital Development.” Deadline to apply is 3/23/21.

Foglifter Press is seeking a Literary Production Assistant. “The Production Assistant is responsible for supporting the Production Manager in much of their work. They assist in creating interior and cover layouts for print publications (two anthologies/chapbooks and two journal issues per year), in preparing ePub conversion for each publication, and in scouting cover art for each issue…The estimated time commitment for this role is 2–4 hrs per week during non-production times, and 5–10 hrs during production times. It includes a yearly honorarium of $750.”

Lucky Jefferson is looking for guest editors “eager to generate visibility for Black voices and increased accessibility to Black & African American Literature…Applicants should be BIPOC identifying authors excited about poetry, especially new contemporary works, and our mission to reinvigorate publishing.”

Consequence Magazine, “an international journal that addresses the effects and realities of geopolitical violence,” is in want of a Fiction Editor. “The ideal candidate will have experience in the military, a personal interest in the causes and effects of national and global geopolitical violence, and an articulated philosophy of what makes for quality fiction. The position is currently estimated to require five hours per week and is on a volunteer basis.”

And Words Without Borders is accepting applications for its editorial fellowship. “The WWB Editorial Fellowship program is designed to provide training for individuals looking to build a career around the publication and promotion of international literature. The editorial fellow will gain hands-on experience with all aspects of the publication of a digital literary magazine—from issue planning to online promotion.” Deadline is 3/26/21.

If it is a conference among like-minded community members you seek, then perhaps it’s high time you register for Grub Street’s annual Muse and the Marketplace writing conference. “This year, GrubStreet’s annual literary conference will be taking shape as the Muse & the Marketplace 2021: An Enhanced Writing Residency! The Residency will feature 65+ sessions on craft and publishing from top authors and industry professionals, plus the opportunity to meet literary agents or editors for direct manuscript feedback.” Literary magazine Editors in attendance include Allison Wright of Virginia Quarterly Review, Geeta Kothari of Kenyon Review, and José Angel Araguz of Salamander Magazine.

Perhaps you’re in need of some lively chit-chat with the good folks of Creative Nonfiction Magazine. In that case, I hope you will join me this Thursday at 11am est, as I yuk it up with the wonderful Hattie Fletcher, Managing Editor of CNF. This will be a live discussion, where people are welcome to come and ask questions. The conversation will be recorded. Both the live chat and recording are available to subscribers only. If you’re not already, you can become one now.

And that you spenders of time near sandboxes and see-saws, you being dragged yet again over to the dreaded swing set, you with that glazed look in your eye, watching but not, thinking yet not, as the toddlers toddle and the kiddos clamor and the big ones climb up the slide backwards and the little ones bobble along bubblingly, you who take care, you who protect, you out there, everyday, pen in hand, nurturing the child inside yourself while perhaps, also, somewhat frantically, stuffing someone else’s feet into socks and shoes, you maybe wondering when your time will come, you also wondering, in art and life, how some things so sublime can, at times, also, feel so mind-numbingly boring, you, no matter, doing it, all of it, with a heart that hums and a brain that bellows, you and you, bundlers of beauty, makers of all magical things, you everywhere, daily tending to tenderness, is the news in literary magazines.

Have a most excellent week, friends.




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