Lit Mag News is Hiring! Writers Wanted


Are you a writer and/or journal editor with something to say about the world of lit mags? Do you have a unique strategy of finding lit mags to submit to? Do you do a special ritual for every rejection (that somehow magically works)? Are you an editor who desperately wants to tell writers to please stop doing this one thing? Are there things you want to help people with, discuss, gripe about, seek clarification on, when it comes to literary magazines?

I am excited to announce a new feature of this site, which will include articles from working writers and editors. These pieces could be serious. They could be instructive. They could be funny and absurd. Anything and everything is welcome.

If you’ve got something to say or explore about lit mags, or if you’ve got an idea you want to float by me, send it along! Feel free to email with questions.

All writers will be paid.

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