"Making That Human Connection." A Chat With Josh Roark, Editor of Frontier Poetry

Q & A with Josh Roark

Dear ones,

Did you know that there are several lit mags that all operate under a single umbrella?Or perhaps a better metaphor would be an octopus, a single entity with one central body and various arms, each arm representing a different genre, each arm reaching out to find writers and publish their very best work.

What I am referring to is this amazing discovery I had today, in speaking with Josh Roark, Editor of Frontier Poetry. After some confusion over east/west time zones, Josh and I were able to connect. And I learned so much! Josh told me about how he, as Editor of Frontier, also works with other editors from other magazines, including Palette Poetry, Masters Review, Craft Literary, and Fractured Lit, in order to create the best possible platform for writers in various genres. The editors of these journals meet regularly to help one another and to make decisions about future projects. Their enterprise is called Discover New Art, or DNA.

Who knew these magazines were all connected in this way?

Well, Josh knew. He discusses that and so much more in the video below.

Frontier Poetry has a contest running now until mid-July. For those who want it, they have options for feedback on regular submissions. They pay all writers. And they strive to respond to submitters within 2-4 weeks.

Josh gave me the impression of an editor hard at work to do the absolute most he can for contributors, and for the craft of poetry at large. I’m delighted I got to speak with him today, and it’s a pleasure to get to share his various projects with all of you. Enjoy!

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