Welcome to my Substack!

What is it?

The Lit Mag News Roundup is a resource for all things lit mag.

Readers receive a bi-weekly newsletter with all the latest goings-on in the world of literary magazines. As a subscriber you will learn about new magazines, calls for submissions, contests, job and fellowship opportunities, grant opportunities, trends in lit mag publishing, as well as controversies, scams, and the occasional smidge of lit mag gossip.

You’ll also get updates about my latest editor interviews. This is where I speak with journal editors live on zoom. These events are open for all to attend and ask questions. Check out past interviews here, featuring the Editors of Creative Nonfiction, Santa Monica Review, Story Magazine, Foglifter, SmokeLong Quarterly and many more.

Subscribers also get access to the weekly column on the ins and outs of lit mag publishing. This section, which includes a mix of free and paywalled content, features contributions from readers, writers and editors all over the world.

Who made this thing?

Me! Hi! It’s me! Becky Tuch. I’m a fiction and nonfiction writer, instructor, editor and mom, based in Philadelphia, PA. In 2008 I launched The Review Review, a website dedicated to reviews of lit mags, interviews with journal editors, publishing advice for writers and a database of over 1k literary magazines. The Review Review was listed for seven consecutive years in Writer’s Digest’s list of 101 Best Websites for Writers. In 2019, I sold the site to Gonzaga University, which carries on the site’s mission as a teaching tool for students. You can learn more about me here.

Why a lit mag newsletter?

Lit mags play a vital role in our creative ecosystem. They push boundaries, publish work that won’t appear in mainstream culture, and often celebrate voices that are marginalized yet necessary. They create a needed platform for new writers.

Also? They can be a bit intimidating.

As a writer continually sending work out for publication, I’ve had successes and disappointments. I’m quite familiar with the process of submitting, waiting, submitting, waiting. I also understand how completely overwhelming the world of lit mags is to writers, many of whom do not know where to even begin. I hope my newsletter provides writers with all the information you need so that the process is transparent, manageable, playful and fun.

What’s the deal with paid subscriptions?

As a paying subscriber, you will get tons of bonus support and information.

Wondering how to narrow the market of lit mags to find the places just right for you? Not sure what goes in a cover letter? Just need extra support and encouragement? You’ll love our monthly Submissions Q & A sessions, where you can show up and ask any questions you have about the submitting and publishing process. These sessions are a blast of fun, encouragement, information and inspiration. As a subscriber you will be able to participate as often as you like.

You will also be invited to attend our monthly Submissions Study Hall sessions. This is a chunk of time each month where you commit to researching lit mags and sending your work out for publication. You’ll work independently yet surrounded by others ready to encourage you and help you meet your submission goals. I will be present to answer any questions and to cheer you on as you finally hit SEND.

Paid subscribers also have access to every single article on the site. These include lists of markets for your work, ideas on submission strategy, advice from journal editors, and more.

Additionally, paid subscriptions help keep this site running and ensure that every writer who contributes content to this site receives financial compensation.