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Hello Becky,

I work at Tower School, a pre-k through grade 8 independent school in Marblehead, MA.

In October 1917, Tower students published the first edition of "The Turret" the school's literary magazine comprised of student poetry, essays and short stories. It has been published annually ever since, making it, we believe, the longest continuously running independent school literary magazine in the country. I though I would share this for consideration on your list. Thank you!

Jessie Achterhof

Director of Development

jessie.achterhof@@towerschool.org / 781-631-5800

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Very interesting. As a reader and a writer, I think you should have been consistent in giving the actual date somewhere in the first two sentences. You’re emphasizing the date, the whole list is based on the date. Don’t make your reader (me) hunt for it or, for heaven’s sake, figure it out - "celebrated its 50th anniversary". Readers, like me are lazy. It this case, consistency is more important than variety.

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Dear Becky: Thank you for continuing your work on literary journals. I always look forward to your weekly email. I was reading through Friday Findings. It’s very informative—it’s helpful to get such an extensive list of older, established journals. As a writer, I find submitting to such journals often daunting. New, fully online journals are less so, and they tend to be more open to new authors and new approaches. I live in Canada, and the older journals here constitute a literary institution and are consequently harder to break into. These journals also determine what people are reading and writing; in other words, what writers write is often determined by what journals publish. I write memoir, fiction, and essays, and I rarely submit to Canadian journals anymore. When I do submit, I range farther afield, and look for a range of old and new journals, but I no longer submit to journals that only accept paper submissions. Thank you again for your hard work and weekly email.

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Thank you for this well-crafted list of literary magazines, Becky!

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The Literary Review, established in 1957, published JCO's first short story...

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