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"It's Experimental." A Chat With Joshua Bohnsack, Managing Editor of TriQuarterly

"An Underlying Sensibility of Spaciousness." A Chat With Steven Wingate, Editor of Oakwood Magazine

"We All Love Language." A Chat With Joe Ponepinto, Renee Jackson and Zac Kellian, Editors of Orca Literary Journal

"There is Laughter Because There is Nothing to Laugh at.*" A Chat With Sara Clugage & Rebecca Ariel Porte, Editors of Dilettante Army

"Does it Tell a Story?" A Chat With Tommy Dean, Editor of Fractured Lit

Go Easy on Lit Mags, Baby!

"Get In and Get Out." A Chat With Lynn Mundell, Editor of 100 Word Story

Hello Lit Mags, My Old Friend!

"Horror Helps Us Embrace What's Good About Ourselves." A Chat With Ashley Wagner, Editor of Ligeia Magazine

"So Much of Philadelphia is a Flavor and Attitude." A Chat With Trish Rodriguez, Editor of Philadelphia Stories

Hold Me Closer, Tiny Lit Mag!

Smells Like Lit Mag Spirit!

"In the SR Family." A Chat With Patricia Murphy, Editor of Superstition Review

Risky Writing, Reunion Stories & Self-Implicating Narrators: A Chat With Lisa Ampleman, Editor of Cincinnati Review

"Clearing a Little Space at the Table." A Chat With Iris Law & Mia Malhotra, Editors of Lantern Review

"Finding Something That is Surprising." A Chat With Amanda Scott, Editor of Porter House Review

Baby, You're a Rich Lit Mag!

"The Great Minnesota Get-Together." A Chat With Ralph Pennel, Editor of Midway Journal

"I Read it All." A Chat With Richard Peabody, Editor of Gargoyle Magazine

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"Poetry is the Third Tool." A Chat With Tim Green, Editor of Rattle

"Serving an Underserved Part of the Poetry Community." A Chat With Quincy R. Lehr, Editor of The Raintown Review

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All the Single Lit Mags!

How do you find the best markets for your short stories, poetry and creative nonfiction?

"Your Work is Being Thought About and Thought About." A Chat With Robert Stapleton, Editor of Booth

Dancin' to the Lit Mag Rock!

"Nothing is Off Limits Except Bad Writing." A Chat With Andrew Tonkovich, Editor of Santa Monica Review

"A Kind of Laboratory." Q & A With Stephanie G'Schwind, Editor of Colorado Review

"It's All About the Voice." A Chat With Ann Beman and Jim Gearhart, Editors of Tahoma Literary Review

Love is an Open Lit Mag!

"The Sentence is Something Special." Q & A With Christopher Allen, Editor of SmokeLong Quarterly

"The Energy of a Story." Q & A With Michael Nye, Editor of Story Magazine

Where to Find Great Literary Magazines

I'm Every Lit Mag!

Inside One Magzine! Q & A With Richard Krawiec, Publisher of Jacar Press and Editor of One Magazine

Pour Some Lit Mags on Me!

"The Politics of Care." A Chat With Luiza Flynn-Goodlett, Editor of Foglifter

Come on Baby Light My Lit Mag!

"Making That Human Connection." A Chat With Josh Roark, Editor of Frontier Poetry

"There is No Gate Here." Q & A With Sarah Wells, Founder & Curator of The Glass Garage Collective

Knock-knock-knockin' on Heaven's Lit Mags!

We All Live in a Lit Mag Submarine!

Lit Mags With Fast Response Times

"Is it Good?" a Conversation With Kristen Simental, Editor of Five South

Send My Lit Mags to Your New Lover!

6 Lit Mags for Writers Over 50

Ask the Editor With Marcela Sulak, Editor of The Ilanot Review

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Which Lit Mags Do You Love?

Oldest Literary Magazines in the U.S.

I Fought the Lit Mags and the Lit Mags Won!

73 Brand New Literary Magazines!

Ask the Editor With Hattie Fletcher, Managing Editor of Creative Nonfiction Magazine

I Fell Into a Burning Ring of Lit Mags!

Ask the Editor With Lynn Domina, Editor of The Other Journal

All the Single Lit Mags!

Everybody's Got a Lit Mag Heart!

Hello From the Lit Mag Side!

Do Editors Actually Read the Slush Pile?

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