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December lit mag brag!

What will you give your writer self this holiday season?

Poetry Manuscripts and Submissions

Lit Mag Reading Club Chat: Indiana Review Summer 2022

Let's Discuss! Indiana Review Volume 44, No 1

De-platforming. Let's talk about it.

Making Sense of Lit Mags: Q & A with Jenn Scheck-Kahn, Founder of Journal of the Month

How to Blast Through Writer’s Burnout . . . Or Block . . . Or Not

Hark! The Herald Lit Mags Sing!

Do literary agents read lit mags?

Hanging Loose Magazine: Fifty-Six Years of Poetry & Nonconformity

"We Want Our Issues to Be Slaps in the Face." A Chat with Charles Fleming & Anna Winham, Editors of Passengers Journal

What does sharing our work really mean to us? Also, figure skating!

Hand-Made, Unfunded, Anti-Normal, Brazenly Subversive and Even Vulgar: A Brief History of Altzines

Lit Mag Reading Club Chat: Harvard Review #59

Rock Me Mama Like a Lit Mag Wheel!

November lit mag brag!

Gratitude? No thanks.

Let's Discuss! Harvard Review Issue #59

How do you feel about "self-promotion"?

Dire Necessities: Editing and Revision

What is Love? Lit Mag, Don't Hurt Me!

"That Muscle of Language." A Chat with Colleen Abel, Editor of Bluestem

What does it mean when lit mags say work must not be "previously published"? Why does it even matter?

Why Am I Writing If Nobody’s Reading?

"We're Tired of Everyone Else Trying to Write Our Story." A Chat with Marianne Worthington, Editor of Still: The Journal

Do writers read lit mags?

Good News For African Writers

The Lit Mag Mash! It Was a Lit Mag Smash!

It's time to brag your lit mag!

Lit Mag Reading Club Chat: STORY #14

"Translators Connect the World." A Chat With Denise Kripper, Translation Editor of Latin American Literature Today

Contextualizing Hobart Pulp

Let's Discuss! STORY Issue #14

Lit Mag Reading Club Chat: CLEAVER #38

Can we talk about Submittable?

Let's Discuss! CLEAVER Issue #38

"How Are We Serving Emerging Writers?" A Chat With Whitney Koo, Editor of Gasher Journal

You Don’t (Always) Have to Wait for Acceptance

"A Level Playing Field of Visual Art and Writing." A Chat With Aaron Lelito, Editor of Wild Roof Journal

"Running a Literary Magazine is Like Pouring Urine All Over Yourself." A Chat with Genna Rivieccio, Editor of The Opiate

Oh I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Lit Mags!

What are "top tier" lit mags and how do you find them?

Theme vs. Plot in Literary Publishing

How does a person read a poem?

Lit Mag Reading Club Schedule! and Journal Discounts!

How to Write Cover Letters for Lit Mags

Wild Lit Mags Couldn't Drag Me Away!

What do you do when a journal accepts your work, but then it never gets published?

How to Write a Shorter, Better, More Publishable Story

It's time to brag your lit mag!

Rogue Submission Guidelines to the Rescue

Lit Mag Reading!

"I Believe in the Writing." A Chat with David Galef, Editor of Vestal Review

Don't You Forget About Lit Mags!

Did your MFA program discuss lit mag publishing?

Lit Mags with Recordings

"A Radical Literary Space." A Chat with Kamil Ashan, Editor of South Asian Avant-Garde

"I'm a Listener." A Chat with Emily Messall, Fiction Editor of Barren Magazine

How do you define success as a writer?

"I am There to Go Along with You on This Journey." A Chat With Anita Gill, Nonfiction Editor of Hypertext

Writing about Indiana: Or, Writing about Indiana as an Act of Defiance: Or, Convince Me Why all of My Assumptions about Your Assumptions about What's Important about Your Writing are Wrong

Should lit mags unpublish writers because they're "problematic"?

Understanding and Submitting Sijo

News Roundup Coming Soon!

It's Time to Brag Your Lit Mag!

What Young Writers Can Learn from Aspiring Rock Stars

Which journal editors work on revisions with writers?

It's All in a Name. Or, How I Took the Sting out of Rejection by Putting an End to Submission (While Continuing to Send Out My Work)

Should this magazine shut down?

What do you want more of around here?

Seeing Submissions as Data: What I Learned from Working in Research

Have you been inspired by a writer you found in the pages of a lit mag? (And, my love letter to Helen Simpson.)

Ideas for Networking Locally and Globally

Well She's My Best Friend's Lit Mag!

It's time to brag your lit mag! Where have you published lately?

The Truth About In-Progress On Submittable: Everything the Impatient Writer Needs to Know

How do you find validation as a writer?

Why Become a Lit Mag Submissions Reader?

Like a Lit Mag, Touched for the Very First Time!

Do you fall prey to submissions self-sabotage?

6 Things I’ve Learned Publishing a Literary Magazine for 10 Years

Which lit mags do you like for your personal reading pleasure?

New to Submitting to Lit Mags? Here's How to Make Sense of Rejections

Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Lit Mag!

Are Lit Mags Ageist?

Revise and Resubmit: Strategies for Expanding and Deepening Your Short Fiction

Poets & flash fiction writers, what do you do when you need to withdraw a single piece out of a submission of several pieces?

Thank You; No Thank You

"You Have to Read the Journals." A Chat with Erik Harper Klass, Founder of Submitit

I Remember You Well in the Lit Mag Hotel!

How long are you willing to wait for a response to your submission?

"Literature as a Force of Spontaneous Dark Power." A Chat With Lev Parker, Editor of A Void

Could Lit Mags Benefit from Operation Awesome?

What are your tried-and-true methods for revision?

Committed but Realistic: Wisdom Gleaned from Twenty Years of Publishing

Lit Mag Roads, Take Me Home!

How do you know when to keep submitting a piece?

Five Approaches to Great Flash Fiction

How do you feel about submitting your work to anthologies?

3 Ways to Get Started: Lit Mag Advice for Newbies, From a Newbie

We Built This City on Rock and Lit Mags!

"Raw, Resonant, Risk-Taking." A Chat With Cindy DiTiberio, Rudri Patel, Lolita Pierce and Andrea Lani, Editors of Literary Mama

Do You Have a Rejection Ritual?

Finding Inspiration and Hope in Form Rejection Letters

New lit mag resource! Where are more?

"Every Aspect of Parenthood." A Chat with Randi Olin & Lauren Apfel, Editors of Motherwell

Editors Do Not Hate You. Really.

Livin' La Lit Mag Loca!

"An Alternative Space to Talk About Motherhood." A Chat with Meg Lemke, Editor of Mutha Magazine

Top 5 Surprisingly Common Submission Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

"A Conduit to Community." A Chat with Marjorie Tesser, Editor of Mom Egg Review

"There are Things Which You Have to Have Empathy to Discuss." A Chat with David Ervin, Editor of Military Experience and the Arts

10 Things Volunteering for a Literary Magazine Taught Me

Lit Mags are the Champions, My Friends!

My 6 Step No B.S. Guide to Submitting Short Stories to Lit Mags

"Can't Wait to Find that New Story." A Chat with Anthony Varallo, Fiction Editor of Crazyhorse

A Method to the Madness: Submitting Short Fiction With Meticulous Record Keeping

I Just Called to Say Lit Mags Love You!

"Do Try Us Again."

"A Big Tent." A Chat with Christopher Linforth, Editor of Atticus Review

How to Evaluate the Smaller Literary Journals

"Aim for Rejection. Aim for Anything." A Chat with Literary Entrepreneur Karina Kupp, Founder of Chill Subs

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Lit Mags!

What Makes a Great Novel Excerpt?

"Our Decisions are Born Out of Conversations." A Chat with Gerald Maa, Editor of The Georgia Review

"We're Sorry But We're Going to Pass." A Writer's Journey Through the Despair of Rejections

"Pieces of Rainbow You See in the Sky." A Chat with Elizabeth Varel, Editor of Parhelion Magazine

Lit Mag Me Baby One More Time!

Revision, Rejection and Spreadsheets: Crafting a System for Getting Published

"Addressing the Human Consequences of War." A Chat with Matthew Krajniak, Editor of Consequence Journal

There is More Than One "Lit Mag of the Moment"

"A Platform for Indigenous African Writers." A Chat with Jonathan Oladeji, Editor of Itanile

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Lit Mags!

It's Your Job to Find Out Where You Belong

"We are Such Close Readers." A Chat with Hasanthika Sirisena, Editor of West Branch

When a Man Loves a Lit Mag!

"A Particular Intrigue." A Chat with Thom Didato, Editor of failbetter

If You Are Making One of These Mistakes, You May Be Submitting Too Much

"Irreverent, Fun, Different, Surprising." A Chat with Daniel Nester, Editor of Pine Hills Review

"We Believe in the Power of Art." A Chat With Paula Whyman, Editor of Scoundrel Time

Lit Mag Me Up Before You Go-Go!

"If It Has to Do With Poetry, We Want to Take a Look at It." A Chat with Anna Leahy & Claudine Jaenichen, Editors of TAB: A Journal of Poetry and Poetics

Becoming a Literary Entrepreneur: A Chat With Jenn Scheck-Kahn, Founder of Journal of the Month

50+ Lit Mags for Book Reviews & Author Interviews

I'm Just a Lit Mag Whose Intentions are Good!

"I Love Complex Characters." A Chat With Colby Ornell & Katie Edkins Milligan, Fiction Editors of Gulf Coast

"Something Unusual Going On." A Chat with Euan Monaghan, Editor of Structo

"We Want to Champion a Different Kind of Writing." A Chat with Nikki Dudley, Editor of streetcake magazine

Navigating Literary Journals

"That Which is Ingrained." A Chat With Allison Blevins, Editor of museum of americana

Don't Ya Love Lit Mags Madly!