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What should writers do when they don't know their work's publication date?

Bad Sex Blues

Registration links for December events

Is there a Gen-Z sensibility among lit mags?

Save the Dates! December interviews & info sessions!

"Our Taste Tends Toward the Well-Made Story." Lit Mag Reading Club Chat with the Editors of Missouri Review

What Writers Really Want For the Holidays (23 Glorious Gifts)

Ain't No Lit Mag High Enough!

November lit mag brag!

Thank you! Really.

"Blow us Away with the Style." A Chat with Sandi Wisenberg, Editor of Another Chicago Magazine

So many lit mags, so little sex! Why is that?

Lit Mag Chat with Erik Harper Klass of Submitit!

A Guide for the Formattingly Perplexed

The Tide is High but I'm LitMaggin' on!

Who holds lit mags accountable?

Demystifying the Editor/Writer Relationship: Submission and Etiquette Guidelines

"Open to Reading Things That are a Little Different." A Chat with Amy Barnes, Editor of Gone Lawn

Save the Dates! November info sessions, interviews and discussions!

How do we navigate lit mags and politics?

What Do We Do With Parasitic Publishers (and the Good Books They Sometimes Publish)?

Let's Do the Lit Mag Warp Again!

October lit mag brag!

"A Respect for Place." Lit Mag Reading Club Chat with Anna Lena Phillips Bell, Editor of Ecotone

Launch Your Writing Career with the Snowball Strategy

Missouri Review discount for November Lit Mag Reading Club!

Do editors pay attention to a writer's name?

Musings on Martians and Minority Membership (in the Lit Mag Context)

"Putting Poets and Poems in Dialogue with One Another." A Chat with Steve Halle, Editor of Spoon River Poetry Review

Imagine all the Lit Mags!

Is it unethical to submit previously published work to magazines that do not accept reprints?

When the Writing Path Must Go Darker

Can we save Gettysburg Review?

Find Editors Who Like You

Take me Down to the Paradise Lit Mags!

September lit mag brag!

2023-2024 Reading Club Schedule & Discount Codes

"We Think of the Magazine as a Collaboration." Lit Mag Reading Club Q & A with Lauren Hohle, Managing Editor of Gettysburg Review

How do you get out of a writing corner?

Do you write in one genre or many, and why?

The Possibly Impossible Task of Ranking Literary Journals

"We are Very Interested in That Dialogue Between Voices." A Chat With Juli Min, Editor of Shanghai Literary Review

That's the Power of Lit Mags!

Is low readership for lit mags...a good thing?

A Notebook for the Future: NFTs

Who is your reading audience?

The Coming AI Assault

This is Me Lit-Magging!

When do you make time for lit mag work?

Where Have all the Essays Gone?

August lit mag brag!

How Literary Journal Publishing Built My Career

"It's Really Really Important to Me to Support Writers." A Chat With Courtney Harler, Editor of CRAFT

Now You're Just a Lit Mag That I Used to Know!

How do you save/organize/back up your manuscript drafts?

Doing Copyright like Dolly Parton

What's the best strategy for submitting multiple flash fiction pieces?

I Don't Mean That Now, But I Meant it Then: When Your Essays' Truths Change Over Time

Lit Mags Keep Fallin' on My Head!

Is a recorded reading a "publication"?

Twenty Things to Do before Submitting Your Story to a Lit Mag: Part 2

Monday Motivation! With Thoughts on Craft!

July lit mag brag!

Twenty Things to Do before Submitting Your Story to a Lit Mag: Part 1

Monday Motivation! With Joy!

How do writers find critique groups?

Literary Publishing Can Be a Brave New World: On Vision, Business, and Audience

Monday Motivation! With Music

What do you wish you had known sooner about publishing your writing?

It's Time to Confront Conflict in the Poetry Community

Monday Motivation! With Laura Dern

What was your most memorable publication acceptance?

Accepting Editorial Suggestions as a Path to Success

Monday Motivation! With Meatballs!

Should writers aim for international lit mags?

How Do You Find Your Titles?

"We're Looking for a Symphony of Voices." A Chat with Derek Askey, Associate Editor of The Sun

Might as Well Face it, You're Addicted to Lit Mags!

June lit mag brag!

What Should Writers Know Before Seeking Feedback from Editors?

Why do lit mags so often extend contest deadlines?

Are We Eating Each Other Alive in the Indie-Lit World?

Lit Mags Didn't Start the Fire!

How should writers & editors handle AI submissions?

"We're Holding a Space in the Community." A Chat with Alyson Sinclair and Alysia Li Ying Sawchyn, Publisher & Editor of The Rumpus

How to Avoid Submission Fees: Lessons Learned from 20+ Years of Sending Out My Work—and Curating Opportunities for Others

What are your summer writing & submitting goals?

Defending Your Darlings

"We Want to See Something That Wakes Us Up." Lit Mag Reading Club Q & A with Jenny Molberg, Editor of Pleiades

I'm Picking Up Lit Mag Vibrations!

May lit mag brag!

The Sun Discount!

Why We Charge Submission Fees

What makes a great writing workshop and which lit mags offer them?

Literary Criticism as a Secular Spiritual Discipline

"We've Been Open to the Writers." A Chat with Paula Deitz, Editor of The Hudson Review

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Lit Mags!

Should editors disclose what percentage of published work is solicited?

What's the Matter with PANK Books?

What are common grievances among writers and editors, and how do we address them?

On Submission Fees and the Belief that Publishers Are Pirates

These Lit Mags are Made for Walkin'!

April lit mag brag!

Lit Mag Reading Club Chat: Iowa Review, Summer 2022

I Confess: I Love Revisions

Let's Discuss! Iowa Review, Summer 2022

Do long wait times typically lead to a rejection?

Stuck at 3%: Why Can’t We Have More Literature in English Translation?

"Our Focus is Ethical Philosophical Scenarios." A Chat With Kolby Granville, Editor of After Dinner Conversation

Guilty Lit Mags Have Got No Rhythm!

What is Substack? What is a Substack lit mag? How do writers and readers make sense of this new newsletter world?

"We Publish Work That Has a Certain Spiritual Resonance." A Chat with Barbara Lock, Managing Editor of Variant Lit

Doing a Lot with a Little or Very Little with a Lot: Small Presses, Contests, and Scams

How do writers get books reviewed in literary magazines?

The Cost of Rejection

We Found Lit Mags in a Hopeless Place!

Announcement from Lit Mag News & Chill Subs!

Lit Mag Reading Club Chat: Cincinnati Review, Fall 2022

An Editor's Thoughts on Reaching Outsider Writers

Let's Discuss! Cincinnati Review, Fall 2022, Issue 19.2

March lit mag brag!

"Always Looking for That Next Piece." A Chat With Arielle McManus, Editor of Atlas + Alice

How to Handle Your Q & A at a Reading

"Great True Stories." A Chat With Matthew Pearl, Editor of Truly*Adventurous

Lit Mags to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right!

Lit Mags That Use "Uncurated" in the Submissions Guidelines

Do you love creating titles for your work? Do titles matter?

Uncurated: The Case for a New Term of Art

"Show me the money!...Please? Could you? When you have a moment?"

"An Instant of Magic." A Chat with Catherine McNamara, Flash Fiction Editor of Litro Magazine

The Prescriptivism vs. Descriptivism Grammar Wars (and Having Fun with Parentheses (Most of the Time))

'Cause I am a Lit Mag, and You're Gonna Hear Me Roar!

What is AWP and how do we survive it?

Submit With Salt

Lit Mag Reading Club Chat: North American Review, Fall 2022

Let's Discuss! North American Review, Fall 2022, Vol 307, #3

Lit Mag Reading Club Chat: Pacifica Literary Review, issue 19.1

February lit mag brag!

Let's Discuss! Pacifica Literary Review, issue 19.1

A Geezer's Guide to Lit Mag Maneuvers

I'm Leaving on a Lit Mag Plane!

Showcase Magazine, Ephemera, C & R Press, Steel Toe Books, Fjords Review, PANK Magazine, American Poetry Journal...oh my?

So You've Been Invited to Read...What Happens Next?

Should writers always accept an acceptance?

My (Failed) Writing Resolutions

In the Sunshine of Your Lit Mags!

Have you found social media helpful in your literary pursuits?

Submission Fees Are Wrong

Lit Mag Reading Club Chat: Conjunctions, Issue 79

January lit mag brag!

Let's Discuss! Conjunctions, Issue 79

Lit Mag Reading Club Chat: Southern Review, Fall 2022

Leaving an MFA Program, Finding Inspiration

Let's Discuss! Southern Review, Fall 2022

Play That Funky Lit Mag!

Should you submit to writing contests?

How to Do a Killer Reading From Your Work

Are rejection letters necessary?

The Poet Who Wasn’t There (But Became Famous Anyway)

Stuck in the Middle With Lit Mags!

Should writers submit to journals that have previously published them?

34 Brand New Literary Magazines!